9 December, 2021

Use case explainer Liqui Moly Asia Pacific (LMAP)

Liqui Moly Asia Pacific looks to streamline their operations with a powerful suite of quantum-safe, decentralized, scalable, peer-to-peer and blockchain-secured enterprise solutions. INTRODUCTION For most businesses, blockchain, and the application...

Liqui Moly Asia Pacific looks to streamline their operations with a powerful suite of quantum-safe, decentralized, scalable, peer-to-peer and blockchain-secured enterprise solutions.


For most businesses, blockchain, and the application of blockchain technology, remain a mystery. Even in the age of digital transformation, too many organizations are either unaware of, or unable to, harness the added value offered by blockchain and associated decentralized technologies. They are too busy, overwhelmed with security concerns, or otherwise unable to leverage the technology at our disposal today.

Meanwhile, the sheer reliance and dependence of businesses on the internet itself has inadvertently introduced threats and risks as they strive to digitize and economize their commercial activities and operations.

DigiThree Labs demystifies these technologies for enterprise customers by unlocking the real-world application of these decentralized innovations and thereby eliminating many of the security threats and risks associated with the internet today. In addition to that, DigiThree delivers regaining control and ownership of data and communications, free from the intervention of third-party service providers and other platforms.


LMAP has taken a strategic decision to outsource all of their IT operations to cloud service providers. This results in a 100% dependency on these service providers to have good security, governance and operational excellence for their business data and communications.

With a strong desire to regain full control over their own and their customers' data, and increasing needs around security, Liqui Moly Asia Pacific wishes no longer to be depending on traditional cloud service suppliers for this. LMAP requires:

  • Better access security than username and password authentication to access, change and delete data.
  • Enhanced levels of security when it comes to peer-to-peer communications
  • Maximum privacy and security against outside threats when browsing the Internet.
  • Higher levels of security, reliability and availability than traditional cloud providers provide.

In order to meet those new requirements, LMAP is looking at improved systems and technologies, including vendors that can provide blockchain technologies, to elevate existing security measures.


In their selection process, LMAP turned to DigiThree’s blockchain-secured decentralized enterprise solutions:

  • Secure P2P communications
  • Ultra Secure Browsing
  • Quantum Safe Storage

Secure P2P Video Communications

Secure Video Conferencing is a decentralized video and audio conferencing facility, built to help your business communicate clearly and securely – with no need for third party involvement.

Using a point-to-point architecture to eliminate the need for a central service provider, Secure Video Conferencing combines with the support and care of DigiThree to allow you to give your business community exactly what it needs.

Ultra Secure Browsing

Secure Browsing is a decentralized browser isolation facility built to provide powerful protection for your business’s browsing devices.
Running on a decentralized grid and completely free from third party involvement, Secure Browsing makes you your own service provider – and with added support from DigiThree, you can give your employees exactly what they need.
A robust solution that can be set up on private, shared or public infrastructure, Secure Browsing comes with blockchain-based two-factor authentication for owners, operators and participants.

Quantum-Secure Storage

Corporate data represents a tremendous opportunity to drill down and tap into critical insights of the workings of enterprises. In fact, the powerful potential to mine and refine this vital, valuable resource points to a direct comparison to a similarly vital resource in the modern economy: crude oil. Data is the 21st century version of crude oil.

Quantum-Secure Storage is a storage foundation that uses distributed storage and decentralized provisioning using smart contracts. QSS stores and retrieves data by using a large number of disks where objects are fragmented into parts, and those parts are compressed and encrypted and then used to generate mathematical description of the original data part. This is a zero knowledge storage system where no stored data part in itself contains any of the original data.


An effective and efficient data storage solution is fundamental to the operation of any successful organization. Having access to repositories where personal or departmental business data can be securely stored and retrieved is a fundamental requisite for business.

While current cloud services do provide these services to some extent, LMAP recognized the need to improve upon certain critical attributes related to these services. DigiThree's Quantum-Secure storage solutions allow for radically elevated levels of security and data accessibility.

In addition when considering P2P communications and Ultra Secure Browsing, the decentralized nature of Digithree’s Quantum-SecureStorage Solutions allows LMAP to regain full control over its data assets while maintaining all the benefits of the operating model of current cloud providers.

The main benefits that LMAP experiences when using Digithree services:

  • Break free from monolithic, centralized solutions: full control to own and manage your data while retaining the ease of use that is standard in the cloud industry.
  • Near 100% availability: the growing grid of compute and storage nodes provides reliability and redundancy that is superseding the levels of availability of market leaders at a competitive price point.
  • The Quantum safe storage algorithm and immutable and always appending fundamental principles of blockchain brings control, sovereignty, privacy and Integrity to IT services.


DigiThree combines two long-standing and ground-breaking technologies into a solid foundation to build enterprise services on. The DigiByte blockchain has weathered the storm of digital disruption for the last decade and has become a very secure, strong and versatile blockchain. Combined with ThreeFold’s decentralized grid of compute, storage and network capacity generators, these synergistic technologies form a fundamental foundation for blockchain secured authentication, secure P2P communications, quantum safe storage and ultra secure web browsing.

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