14 October, 2022

Barricade your digital front door with Passwordless authentication.

If your security does not bring you peace of mind, you should interrogate its use. As technology has gotten more advanced, so have the threats that come with it. Our...

If your security does not bring you peace of mind, you should interrogate its use.

As technology has gotten more advanced, so have the threats that come with it. Our online personas and activity are big business and their value increases by the millisecond, so it makes sense that any business that has a digital footprint and online presence needs to protect themselves.

And before you think of this issue as trivial, consider these very real scenarios.

LastPass, a password manager with 25 million users recently reported a breach. Their development servers were compromised and even though no consumer data was accessed, it should be a cautionary tale to all when a virtual security vault is hacked.

Given how carried cyber attacks are, it can be hard to determine which approach is best suited for your business. However, in our experience, most individuals and businesses are not practicing the tried and tested methods, so advanced tools are often lost on them.

For instance, passwords are still too easy to guess, they are too short, are not changed often, are not kept confidential, and are used on too many platforms. And what’s worse, seasoned IT professionals are guilty of these habits in the same way that the general public is.

If you want to protect what you worked hard for, maintain the trust of your customers and secure a better tomorrow, you need next-level security.

Research has shown that 3⁄4 of users create a password and forget it soon after, mostly because they do not get the point of creating one. Which is why platforms need to evolve their authentication systems to fit the lived experiences of the user.

We are introducing a QR-Code scanning authentication system that bypasses the tedious password system and gives access to the system through the DGMV-ID App...and the secret to this simplicity is in Web3 technology.

The DGMV Authentication uses blockchain wallet technology to decentralize the password system. When we think about increasing security, we do not default to building higher walls, we reconfigure the lock and store keys in different locations!

Platforms that host sensitive information, have high internet traffic, and experience a high frequency of password resets are best suited for this solution.

The DGMV-ID app does the work so that you don’t have to. Strong Multi Factor Authentication in one single application, on one (mobile) device to generate very strong and unique passwords for all websites that use a login/password system. The passwords are never stored on mobile phones, apps, computers or supporting servers. Our app is using DigiByte Blockchain wallet technology to make it more secure and decentralized.

The reality is that you can rely on very few things to give you peace of mind. A notepad of passwords literally gets lost, a note on your phone is at the mercy of the phone being misplaced, a local server is always at risk of being hacked, and your mind most certainly forgets!

DGMV-ID uses unrivaled innovative authentication technology, allowing the user a convenient and easy operation, so inconvenience and complexity will no longer be a reason not to use it. That level of control and awareness is what has been missing from the market and in true Web 3 style...that power can now be in everyone's hands with our passwordless authenticator.

Think about it, stop being vulnerable, don't use passwords. 

That is exactly what DGMV-ID offers: a zero knowledge approach without reliance on vulnerable elements residing on your devices, apps, platform and places in diversified locations. Passwordless authentication in the way it's designed with DGMV-ID is simply the best way to protect yourself.

Article by DigiCorp Labs

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