Welcome to DigiThree

Next-level security for
a better tomorrow

Welcome to

Next-level security for
a better tomorrow

Streamline your operations with a powerful suite of quantum-safe, decentralized, scalable, peer-to-peer and blockchain-secured enterprise solutions.


DigiThree is built on a belief that the businesses of today and tomorrow have the right to carry out vital work in ways that are safe, secure, decentralized, scalable and ready for the metaverse.


DigiThree is helping businesses accelerate and streamline digital transformation, implement highly-secure processes and use the vast benefits of blockchain to further secure and improve processes.


DigiThree is a joint venture between DigiCorp and strategic technology partner, ThreeFold Tech.


Building on the decentralized, sustainable DigiMetaverse Grid, DigiThree creates the perfect transparent, accessible architecture for quantum-safe storage, data sharing and communication.


The DigiMetaverse Grid is an autonomous computing and Quantum Safe File Storage (QSFS) utility that serves as the foundation layer to the metaverse.


Ubiquitous high-availability peer-to-peer network connectivity across the DigiMetaverse – an accessible, decentralized architecture complete with storage, data sharing, and communication tools.

Built to

suit your needs

Our solutions use the DigiByte blockchain technology to secure processes and authentication, and ensure all data can be audited or verified whenever you choose.

This guarantees trust and transparency throughout, while reducing the need for human monitoring.

All solutions are cloud-based, which means you can access them from anywhere via a pay-as-you-go license model – no upfront investment required, just pay for what you use.

Part of

an ecosystem

DigiThree is the enterprise solutions part of the DigiCorp family – an ecosystem of secure, decentralized, metaverse-based services designed to build an inherently secure, people-centric, value creation-focused web of tomorrow.
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