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Video conferencing
Secure ID
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Safeguard your data


Discover sustainable, easy-to-integrate storage solutions with no risk of data security breaches.
Combat the challenges of managing exponential growth in storage requirements and compliance reporting by securing the data that drives your global business operations.

DigiThree eliminates data storage-related risks and threats with reliable, sustainable, easy-to-integrate solutions – here to take care of your business needs.

Our suite of solutions includes:

Quantum-secure storage

Simple, easy-to-use enterprise class user file storage

Backup data and data archiving

A backup and archive system with immutable data storage

Quantum-secure log storage

Highly secured log file, scratch and archive storage

Own the conversation


Welcome to world-class video conferencing where you are in complete control. Forget third party providers, this is encrypted, direct, peer-to-peer call technology with ultimate privacy built in.
Our pioneering ultra-scalable, peer-to-peer, 100% private video communication services are robust, reliable, and consistent.

DigiThree’s world-class and fully controllable video conferencing removes any reliance on existing centralized solutions.

With our peer-to-peer video conferencing, your business retains ownership of calls, recordings and transcripts, which means all data remains completely secure and under your control and management.

protect your identity

secure ID

Discover a whole new layer of personal security and data integrity, with secure authentication at every touchpoint.
Secure ID eliminates the need for usernames, passwords and two factor authentication.

Using the public and private key cryptography of DigiByte blockchain, the ID means no passwords or usernames are at risk – protecting not only the consumer, but also the services they use.

Access without barriers


Access the internet seamlessly with a passwordless login designed to maximize security, minimize vulnerability and minimize the impact of any severe consequences of a data breach.
Right now, login and password combinations are commonly used on the internet – but this isn’t the most secure way to identify, even with the two-factor authentication used by some platforms to improve security.

Passwordless login affords your credentials the highest level of protection, with no passwords stored on your devices or in the cloud – only on the single login website, where your password is unique to you, the site and the whole world.

Future-proof your communications


Make your remote communications future-ready with robust web browsing – next level security, high-speed encryption and threat-resistance guaranteed.
Meet the DigiThree answer to security risk mitigation in what have become mission-critical remote communications between and across your business, employees, supply chains and client bases.

Secure browsing with DigiThree is the most reliable alternative to eliminate risks in this high-growth security area.