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Master Your Data With the DGMV-MDM Smart Layer
Harness the power of the public, open-source DigiByte blockchain with our Smart Layer – your powerful tool for master data management, audit trail creation and proof of authenticity.

How It Works

Put your trust in transparency.

A high-efficiency MDM solution powered by world-leading technology.

Welcome to a new dimension.

Our high-functioning smart layer enhances the integrity of your data management with a simpler, more integrated process.

The most trusted solution for creating and managing flawless golden records.

Empowering you to achieve the highest level of data accuracy with superior golden records.

Validate, verify, repeat.

Everything you need for transparency and accountability – from proof of authenticity to audit trail creation.

One solution. 360° control.

Fully integrated smart contract governance and identity management so you never miss a beat with your data.


100% data control

Exercise complete control over your data at all times, with no third party involvement and no centralization, ever.

100% traceable

Thanks to secure blockchain technology, every action is traceable and trackable, providing complete transparency and security for your data.

Low cost consultancy and implementation

Get up and running efficiently, with all the expert advice you need to succeed available at affordable prices.

Fast ROI

Watch your numbers soar, with great value designed to boost your revenue and level up your business.

Seamless integration

Implement alongside your existing data management tooling for a smooth management process from start to finish.


Patent-pending technology, now primed for Proof of Concept (POC) demonstration.

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