Securing your future: A powerful new partnership for DigiThree Labs

DigiThree Labs, a pioneer in decentralized solutions and the enterprise outlet of DigiCorp Labs, is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Data Secure, the experts in end-to-end global data privacy and protection solutions based in New Delhi, India.

This exciting partnership marks a significant milestone in Data Secure’s mission to provide seamless functionality, privacy first approach, robust safety, and outstanding user experiences to its customers. Led by CEO and Founder, Diganntaa Sircar, the expert Data Secure team is the Indian market’s official reseller and boasts a proven track record of success in implementing innovative enterprise software for privacy.

Together with DigiThree Labs, Data Secure will leverage its unique expertise and invaluable product offerings to help customers transition to next-level Web3 security. The two companies’ shared community values are set to elevate the partnership, with Data Secure’s commitment to helping organizations achieve compliance, mitigate risks, and meet their objectives in tailored ways aligning with the DigiThree philosophy.

Jozua van der Deijl, CEO of DigiCorp Labs, said: “Data Secure’s strategic alliances with prominent system integrators and managed service partners position them ideally to assist DigiThree in realizing its cybersecurity aspirations within India, one of the world's most rapidly expanding digital landscapes. We are delighted to welcome the esteemed Data Secure team as trusted reseller partners. Our shared vision of fostering a more secure, transparent world through the transformative potential of Web3-enabled, decentralized solutions perfectly aligns with Data Secure’s core values of privacy, excellence, and community. I eagerly anticipate the synergies and opportunities that will emerge as this collaboration flourishes.”

As a trailblazer in Web3-focused, partner-led organizations, DigiThree Labs is committed to introducing its solutions to new partners and customers in simple, digestible ways. Its recently launched partner program is set to support partners and resellers – from C-level executives to systems integrators – as they transition to Web3.0 solutions.

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You can find more information about DigiThree Labs on the website or LinkedIn page.

About Data Secure:
Offering strategic solutions for India’s fast-growing privacy market, Data Secure is globally recognised and perfectly positioned to empower the subcontinent’s businesses with the tools they need to thrive in today’s digital world. Led by CEO Diganntaa Sircar and based in New Delhi, Data Secure offers tailored support for organizations embarking on digital transformation. Head to the website to find out more:
DATA SECURE - Privacy Automation Solution

About DigiThree Labs:
DigiThree Labs is the enterprise arm of DigiCorp Labs, and empowers organizations with cutting-edge, blockchain-based, decentralized security solutions. The company’s core values center on privacy, security, decentralization, sovereignty and sustainability with a focus on helping businesses to thrive in a digital-first world.

Securing your future: The brand new website and products from DigiThree, out now

Here at DigiThree, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on our product offering and digital presence – and now, we’re ready to announce what’s new. Our brand new website is now live, featuring all the latest information and insights about our products and solutions, where to find them and how to get the most out of them.

Featuring a bold new concept and eye-catching design, this new website marks the start of an exciting chapter for our business, as we double down on championing DigiThree’s set of decentralized enterprise solutions.

Speaking of solutions, there are five core products at the heart of our business model – and right now feels like the perfect time to explore them.

First up, we have the DGMV-ID Suite – our secure solution for identity management and access control. DGMV-ID provides a secure, efficient, and cost-effective authentication process that minimizes the risk of account takeovers. It grants organizations access to a range of websites, services and applications – all through a seamless app and browser extension.

Remote work is more common than ever, and that means the ability to communicate confidentially has never been so important – so let’s take a look at DGMV-Secure Meets, the ultra-secure video conferencing solution you can operate from your device, whenever you need it. With real-time video and audio sharing, presentation mode, screen sharing and more, Secure Meets puts secure managed collaboration at your fingertips.

Our third solution comes in the form of DGMV-Edge Box, the portable, versatile data center that gives you the power to optimize performance, enhance data security and privacy, and meet the evolving demands of modern computing.

Product number four is the DGMV-Smart Layer – a powerful tool for master data management, audit trail creation and proof of authenticity. With timestamped, hashed assets for effortness validation, it’s the perfect way to streamline transactions, elevate data quality, ensure compliance and establish a secure management framework.

Our final product is still in development, but watch this space for more details of the DGMV-Cloud – coming soon. With advanced encryption power, easy deployment, accessible infrastructure and affordable pricing, this is the tool to help modern developers and companies build revolutionary products.

With more solutions in the pipeline and improvement always in our sights, this is just the start of an exciting trajectory for DigiThree. If you’d like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team at [email protected]

DigiThree Labs welcomes new Chief Advisor, Frederik Schröder

DigiThree Labs is excited to announce a crucial expansion of its leadership team with Frederik Schröder as Chief Advisor. With more than 20 years of sales leadership experience in the US, EMEA and Global, Frederik brings unparalleled expertise in the data-driven technology industry.

Formerly CRO at Intent HQ, Frederik was Vice President of Strategic partners at Weka and VP Global New Business Sales at Hitachi Vantara – where he grew the revenue from $10m to $70m within a year.

As Chief Advisor on the DigiThree team, Frederik will focus on business development, leveraging his expertise and sales experiences in everything from Cloud, SaaS and data analytics to IoT, AI and data center infrastructure.

Having closed many transactional and complex deals, consistently exceeded targets and successfully built a raft of C-level relationships, Frederik is a high-strength addition to the DigiThree team, bringing with him the specialisms needed to rapidly scale the business and secure high growth.

Frederik will apply his leadership skills to create new, high-performance teams within the DigiThree business, bringing a strategic and entrepreneurial mindset to align all growth with marketing, product management and services.

Originally from the Netherlands, Frederik Schröder is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and will carry out his role with DigiThree from there, with a focus on the US.


DigiThree is the enterprise branch of DigiCorp, and its sole purpose is to develop and market enterprise-ready decentralized blockchain-secured solutions that champion Web3.0 standards. Standards like true functionality, impenetrable safety, and real user-friendly experiences. Whether you're a C-level executive or a systems integrator, Web3.0 starts with DigiThree.

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RSA announcement

DigiThree goes to San Francisco

How much insight can we unlock from the world’s largest cybersecurity market? We’re about to find out, as DigiThree takes part in this year's Dutch trade mission to San Francisco’s RSA conference.

We’ll travel to the USA to explore the latest cybersecurity developments, meet the industry’s key players and share insights around this fast-moving tech area.

From April 23rd to April 28th, we’ll join other Dutch companies, governments and knowledge institutions at the forefront of IT security in San Francisco to discover new opportunities in everything from cyber threat intelligence and IoT to operational tech security.

It’s going to be big!

With the world’s biggest cybersecurity firms, this is the perfect time for us to enhance our knowledge, connect with leading experts and cement our presence in the industry.

We believe international collaboration is the key to success in this evermore pressing global challenge area – and we can’t wait to:

🔒Network, connect and cooperate with industry innovators
🔒Explore how the Netherlands can position itself in line with US opportunities
🔒Gain insight and information on the most cutting edge developments in cybersecurity

Whether you’re joining us in San Francisco or following the updates on our digital channels, we appreciate your support as always.

We can’t wait to share the next part of our journey with you!
The NL Pavilion will be located in the South Expo (Booth #1061).


DigiThree is the enterprise branch of DigiCorp, and its sole purpose is to develop and market enterprise-ready blockchain based solutions that champion Web3.0 standards. Standards like true privacy, impenetrable safety, and real user-friendly experiences. Whether you're a C-level executive or a systems integrator, Web3.0 starts with DigiThree.

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Hannover Messe announcement

Exciting news. The 2023 edition of Hannover Messe is just around the corner, and DigiThree has been selected to represent the Netherlands!

That’s right, we’re one of the 10 young tech enterprises from our country chosen to take part, and we’re beyond excited to be there.

This year’s event will take place from April 17th to April 21st, and as always, will bring together the brightest minds in technology from across the globe.

As the world’s leading trade fair for industrial tech, Hannover Messe will feature exhibitors at the forefront of our sector, showcasing cutting-edge innovations and trends from across the industry.

We’re thrilled to be part of the line up for such a progressive event, and can’t wait to see you at the Holland High Tech House, where we’ll be showcasing our decentralized solutions and talking about our vision for the future.

Our team of experts will be on hand to chat about insights and show how our products work in practice.

Everything we do is about using new technology to create a better, more secure future – so we’re more than looking forward to connecting and sharing our knowledge with our peers, partners and customers.

Sound good? We think so too. Come find our booth at the Holland High Tech House (Hall 8, stand D.34) to chat about all things industrial tech and beyond. Will we see you there?

Expert Infrastructure Developer, Hubert Becker, to join DigiThree team

Enterprise solutions specialist, DigiThree Labs, has announced an exciting new appointment on its ever-expanding team. Hubert Becker is set to come on board as Infrastructure Developer in the firm’s Development team this month, where he’ll apply his technical expertise to drive further innovations and improvements in Web3 and beyond.

Having previously enjoyed a lengthy career as Development Expert with tech giant, SAP, Hubert brings more than 22 years of experience and an unparalleled set of skills in the development field. His areas of expertise span everything from Cloud, GitHub and SOAP, to Docker, Kubernetes and on-premises software.

As Infrastructure Developer at DigiThree, Hubert will work closely within a close-knit team to build code and manipulate the environment powering software. His work will focus on further developing the infrastructure of Web3, applying his unmatched eye for accuracy and detail to help DigiThree build new, cutting-edge solutions.

Hubert will be part of the DigiThree team as of December 1st, and from there will be a crucial force in helping the start-up break new ground and help businesses boost security, functionality and overall performance.

This move comes at an pivotal time for DigiThree, which is set to make more exciting announcements in the coming weeks and months. With a growing team at its helm and an expanding set of expertise driving the business forward, the future certainly looks bright for DigiThree Labs.


DigiThree is the enterprise branch of DigiCorp, and its sole purpose is to develop and market enterprise-ready solutions that champion Web3.0 standards. Standards like true functionality, impenetrable safety, and real user-friendly experiences. Whether you're a C-level executive or a systems integrator, Web3.0 starts with DigiThree.

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Former VP of Systems Engineering at NetApp EMEA joins DigiThree Labs as Engineering Consultant

DigiThree Labs, offering Web3 enterprise solutions, today announced that Manfred Buchmann, has recently joined as Engineering Consultant.

Manfred worked with the DigiThree Labs team recently on various engineering tasks, and he was involved with the Blockchain DevOps.

Manfred brings significant experience and wisdom from an accomplished business career spanning more than 20 years of global management experience, with expertise in DevOps, Cloud Security, Security Intelligence and Backup and Cloud Infrastructure.
As Engineering Consultant, Manfred will have a leading role in DGMV-ID and all their infrastructure related projects and solutions.

“It is all about turning Web3 and blockchain into Customer Value. For example, DigiThree Authenticator uses blockchain to create your personal password wallet," said Manfred Buchmann, " I love to support such a team that is all about the people, and everybody loves to get things done and cares about each other and always with the customer in mind.”

“Manfred Buchman is the ideal addition to DigiThree’s team due to his demonstrated history in development, team leadership, and architecting, as well as delivering innovative products to the market that solve real-world and user problems,” said Jozua van der Deijl, DigiCorp lab’s CEO. “His background will help shape DigiThree Labs' future and innovative solutions, and is contributing to the Web3 environment."

DigiThree Labs launched this year enabling next-level Web3 solutions for enterprises.


DigiThree is the enterprise branch of DigiCorp, and its sole purpose is to develop and market enterprise-ready solutions that champion Web3.0 standards. Standards like true functionality, impenetrable safety, and real user-friendly experiences. Whether you're a C-level executive or a systems integrator, Web3.0 starts with DigiThree.

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European Web3 startup names Andreas Hartl Partner Ecosystem Lead

DigiThree Labs, a pioneer of breakthrough decentralized digital solutions, has today announced the appointment of Andreas Hartl as Partner Ecosystem Lead. Andreas will be responsible for DigiThree Labs’ global partner strategy, technical ecosystem and its alignment in support of all the business segments.

Andreas has worked for over 20 years in the global cloud data center sector, including for companies such as Threefold, Riverbed Technology and Netapp. He brings a wealth of proven experience in building partner ecosystems and a great reliable network of business relationships to DigiThree Labs.

“DigiThree Lab’s strategy and products are built with partners in mind - that makes it easy to build a partner program with a true win-win opportunity,” said Hartl. 

DigiThree Labs began the search for a Partner Ecosystem Lead, as their new portfolio and strategy opens up significant market opportunities that are rapidly accelerating the growth of a global network. To deliver on their ambition, they are working on making it easy to introduce DigiThree Labs and their solutions to new partners, system integrators, alliances and customers ahead of the roll-out of their partner program and portal in Q1/2023. 

CEO, Jozua van der Deijl, said, “Andreas is the ultimate bridge builder for DigiThree Labs, so partners and alliances can also bring their customers to this tremendous opportunity called Web3.” 

Previously, Andreas worked with DigiThree Labs’ technology partner, Threefold, so the company has seen first-hand his passion for building true relationships that add value to everyone involved. As blockchain technology, and the arrival of Metaverse and its immersive experiences, are becoming more mainstream, companies - both Web2 and Web3 natives- will need scalable, secure and sustainable decentralized solutions. DigiThree Labs is able to provide the stepping stones for this, allowing companies to enter the metaverse with confidence.

As part of his new role, Andreas will harness his keen entrepreneurial spirit and his understanding of the needs and objectives of the market. Andreas will start work immediately, entering into discussions with partners and alliances alike, to strengthen the DigiTree Labs ecosystem.

Want to know more? Contact Digithree: [email protected]

About DigiThree Labs

DigiThree Labs is part of the DigiCorp Labs family – an ecosystem of secure, decentralized, metaverse-based services designed to build an inherently secure, people-centric, value creation-focused web of tomorrow.

They are a team of blockchain experts, tech leaders and market specialists, here to give people back control over their identities, data and digital lives.

Every day, they apply their core principles of knowledge, value and self-sovereignty to pioneer the kind of technology that can revolutionize systems across the world.

DigiThree Labs sees how digital lives are becoming more significant, and they are acting now to bring this opportunity for freedom and security to life for organizations and businesses that need it.

Among their core team and advisors are some of the pioneers of DigiByte and ThreeFold – the open source technologies that form a founding layer of the DigiThree Labs services.

Their partnership with ThreeFold and use of DigiByte blockchain technology means they can draw on expertise, support and advice from developers within the ThreeFold and DigiByte communities – so you can always count on services backed by industry-leading insight.

It is their mission to become an integrated part of Web3, and their team is fully motivated to achieve this position in the near future.

Introducing Blockchain Secured Web3 Solutions

DigiThree is the enterprise branch of DigiCorp, and our sole purpose is to develop and market enterprise-ready solutions that champion Web3.0 standards.
Standards like true functionality, impenetrable safety, and real user-friendly experiences.
To that end, we're proud to announce the alpha introduction of our DGMV-ID passwordless login platform.

In the upcoming Beta release, DGMV-ID will be business-ready to deploy in real-life use cases for safe and remote working environments. DGMV-ID can plug into almost any platform, and all you'll need to connect is an updated smartphone.

That's big. But what's even bigger is that we've combined our blockchain-based platform with a quantum-safe grid. Which means our solutions are not just user-friendly: They're data privacy-friendly. It's an uncrackable digital safe that's instantly accessible using our cloud-based DGMV-ID login technology.

We believe in real functionality. Auditable, proven, and 100% privacy- proof.
This is the future, and we'll be showcasing our work at TechEx Europe in Amsterdam this week, and next month we'll attend the European Metaverse Summit in Berlin, where together with DigiCorp Labs, we've been shortlisted for the 'Top B2B or Industrial Initiative' & ‘Most-Exciting StartUp Company’ award!

As the first metaverse focussed partner-led organization, we're making it easy to introduce DigiThree and our solutions to new partners and customers. That's why we're also announcing the rollout of our partner program and partner portal in the upcoming period. With the goal to help partners and resellers support their end-customers in their transition to a Web3.0 environment.

Whether you're a C-level executive or a systems integrator, Web3.0 is starting with DigiThree: Join us!

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[email protected]

DigiThree combines two long-standing and ground-breaking technologies into a solid foundation to build enterprise services on. The DigiByte blockchain has weathered the storm of digital disruption for the last decade and has become a very secure, strong and versatile blockchain. Combined with ThreeFold’s decentralized grid of compute, storage and network capacity generators, these synergistic technologies form a fundamental foundation for blockchain secured authentication, secure P2P communications, quantum safe storage and ultra secure web browsing.

DigiCorp Labs en DigiThree maken kans op European Metaverse Awards

DigiCorp Labs en DigiThree, een onderdeel van DigiCorp dat zich richt op enterprise-oplossingen, is officieel genomineerd voor de European Metaverse Awards. Beide partijen zijn genomineerd in de categorieën 'Most-Exciting StartUp Company' en 'Top B2B or Industrial Initiative'. Deze awards worden uitgereikt op de European Metaverse Summit, die op 27 oktober in het Duitse Berlijn plaatsvindt.

DigiCorp Labs is opgericht vanuit de overtuiging dat een veilige, beveiligde, gedecentraliseerde wereld voor iedereen haalbaar en toegankelijk moet zijn. Het bedrijf beschikt over een team van blockchain-experts, tech-leiders en marktspecialisten. Zij geven burgers en bedrijven de controle terug over hun identiteit, gegevens en digitale leven. De missie van het bedrijf is het opbouwen van een gezamenlijke, transparante toekomst van gedecentraliseerde oplossingen waarvan gemeenschappen, bedrijven en instellingen over de hele wereld kunnen profiteren.

De European Metaverse Summit vindt op 27 oktober in het Duitse Berlijn plaats. Het event is gericht op de zakelijke kansen die de metaverse biedt, met een focus op het Europese ecosysteem. In het historische BOLLE Festsäle eert de organisatie met de European Metaverse Awards ontwikkelingen van innovatieve bedrijven en individuen wereldwijd op het gebied van web 3.0 en de metaverse. In totaal zijn twintig awardcategorieën beschikbaar. Meer informatie is hier te vinden.