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The world is becoming increasingly digital, and that makes cybersecurity more important than ever. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, rapid technological advances are likely to transform one billion jobs in the next decade. Add to this the unprecedented workforce impact of Covid-19, and it’s clear that the need for upskilling and training in cybersecurity can no longer be ignored.

The state of cybersecurity

Unfortunately, despite the growing need for cybersecurity, teams in every global region are understaffed. In fact, in its 2022 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, (ISC)2 reported a need for 3.4 million more skilled cybersecurity professionals globally, and that this skills gap has more than doubled since 2019. This comes as cybercriminals and nation-state actors launch increasingly frequent attacks, and the cost of cybercrime is set to grow from $8.44 trillion in 2022 to $23.84 trillion in 2027.

Decentralization for the future

Here at DigiThree Labs, we recognize the importance of cybersecurity in today's world. That's why we offer secure, decentralized solutions that helps organizations protect themselves and their users against cyber threats. Our solutions use cutting-edge blockchain technology to keep sensitive data safe. Our DGMV-ID platform is providing an easy, secure and passwordless authentication to access critical applications and data.

By using the DGMV-ID platform, organizations have the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive cyber threat protection, as well as the benefits of a seamless, easy-to-use authentication process and user experience.

Best practice knowledge

Our team members help organizations upskill and advise their employees on implementing effective cybersecurity measures. We believe that anyone can arm themselves with the right cybersecurity tooling – regardless of background or experience – and by offering our decentralized technology expertise, we’re closing the skills gap and helping organizations implement the right infrastructure to protect against cyber threats.

As society relies more and more on technology, cybersecurity has become mission-critical. By offering a secure, decentralized passwordless authentication solution alongside comprehensive guidance, we’re doing our bit to build a sustainable, trustworthy digital future.